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Ghee Mysorepak /நெய் மைசூர்பாக் (250 GM)


Mysore Pak also called the royal sweet of Mysore is a sweet that readily melts in your mouth. Prepared with the mixture of Pure Ghee, Sugar and Gram flour it gives your taste buds a sense of pleasure leaving you wanting for more. As a gift, it melts hearts. As a treat, it melts in the mouth.

Ingredients- Sugar, Gram Flour, Ghee & Veg. Oil

Allergy Warning : No

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MysorePak also called the royal sweet of Mysore is a sweet that readily melts in your mouth. The initial version was porous because of not adding milk solids to it. The moisture in the sugar escapes through the dessert on cooling thereby creating the porous texture of the Mysore Pak which is a bit hard. When milk solid is added to the process we get the soft melting texture. In our Ghee Mysorepak, we add milk solids to get a soft and melting texture.

The name itself tells the powder of this recipe. Yes, Ghee Mysorepak cannot imagine without quality Ghee. Our farm-fresh ghee is a secret ingredient for the taste of Mysore Pak.

The Ingredients are very simple. 1. Gram Flour 2. Sugar 3. Ghee/ Clarified Butter 4. Milk Solids.

Method of Preparation- Ghee Mysore Pak

  • Mix the besan and the milk powder.
  • Heat the sugar syrup to two-string consistency.
  • Now add the besan and milk powder mixture to this and continue to cook them
  • After five minutes start adding the preheated ghee in batches until the mixture gets separated from the pan.
  • Time up for the Mysore Pak preparation and it’s now done.
  • Transfer it to a long plate and once cooled down cut it into pieces.

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