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Our business journey begins with Srivilliputhur Palkova (GI tag) in 1984. Advancement in packaging materials and practically viable packaging technology was helped us to bring our sweets and snacks to the export segment.  In 2014, we have started an export-oriented packaged sweets segment under the brand name  “SRI DAIRY”. Our products are widely available in Singapore, Malaysia, the USA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab is a division of SRI DAIRY. is a B2C business model with the operating concept of an Inventory base model of E-Commerce. Our vision is to deliver native specialty products like eatables, heritage products, spiritual products, etc., which have almost no access to people who are not nearby in the particular place.

Our key strength is advanced food packaging technology, with the aid of this we can reach our customer’s doorstep anywhere in this world. We are continuously exploring more and more traditional eatables, which is a nearly extinct stage at this moment, and make them widely available. Instead of purchasing native-oriented sweets and snacks from a different place, we are getting the most popular chef from the particular place and engage them to make the same products in our industrial kitchen.

We are continuously evolving our business model to match up with a fast phase trend. Our motto is “No Stop for Continuous Improvement”, which is in our business DNA.

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Uniqueness in The Native Treats:

Most of our products are manufactured in a hygienic method in our industrial kitchen without compromising traditional taste. Also, it is packed in our world-class packaging machines without human touch. Unlike just buying from unknown food product makers without knowing them. It will lead to food safety risks. Today’s trend anybody can buy and sell on an E-commerce platform. But food products, starting from raw material, production, until reach customer hand each and every step need to take care. Variation in storage temperature, Climatic conditions also play a vital role.

Our Specialties, South Indian sweets, and snacks. All your favorite sweets and snacks are available at Native Treats 

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