Srivilliputhur Milk Halwa/பால் அல்வா (100 GM x 5)


Milk Halwa is one of the favourite traditional milk base dessert. We prepare the Milk Halwa with fresh, fat rich milk and right amount of sugar, In addition of fresh ghee and green cardamom enhance the Milk Halwa to be melt in our mouth. The ultimate mouth watering recipe reaches your hand with a little magic of our expertise touch. Srivilliputtur is famous for paal halwa (milk halwa) due to unique quality of milk available in this region.

Ingredients : Milk, Sugar, Ghee, Cardamom, Cashew

Allergy Warning : Milk

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Milk Halwa is one of the favorite traditional milk-based desserts. We prepare with fresh, fat-rich milk and the right amount of sugar, In addition to fresh ghee and green cardamom enhances the taste to be melt in our mouth.

Looks pretty simple recipe, but slight variation impacts the end product. The secret to uniqueness is fat-rich unpasteurized milk. Also, fresh and pure cow ghee enhances the flavor of this halwa. No lemon or citric acid to get a granular texture. Instead, it is cooked in low flame for a longer time to get the natural color as well as grainy texture. In the final stage of the cooking fresh green cardamom was added to get an aroma.

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Many people assume Milk Halwa and Palkova are the same. It is not true. Milk Halwa appears brown in color and it has Fresh Ghee and Cardamom aroma. Whatever recipe cooked in low flame for a longer timer will give enhanced taste. It is true, We are following the same to get a richer taste. In SRI DAIRY, We always expose the formula of the recipe. But telling is easy the execution is challenging. Here also we are exposing our secret, just try yourself. The use of iron Kadai (Iron Pan) to make this recipe is a key factor. If you use stainless steel or aluminum pan, you cannot get a taste and natural color.


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