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About Srivilliputhur

Srivilliputhur is a small municipality with a population of around 1,00,000 in the Virudhunagar district Tamil Nadu. The major source of livelihood is farming, handloom weaving, and other cottage business. Srivilliputhur a.k.a Thiruvilliputhur is very famous for the 99th Divya Desam Sri Kothasametha Sri Vadapathirasayanar Temple. After the temple, the geographical index of Srivilliputhur is the famous palkova or the sweetened milk khoa.

Tourists or pilgrims who visit Srivilliputhur make it a mandate to purchase this palkova. The Aadi pooram chariot festival (Thear Thiruvizha) or the margazhi urchavam are the prime festivals in the temple. Lakhs of people visit the temple during this period. Like laddu is to Tirupati Palkova is to Srivilliputhur(but not as prasad). Just mention to your relatives or friends that you are passing through Srivilliputhur, you will surely end up with obligations to purchase the fresh palkova. What makes this milk khoa so special that it got the geographical index? Let’s see this in detail.

When you ask any manufacturer about their secret recipe, they turn up clueless. But they wonder that there could be some magic in them. Let’s now peep into their process.

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About Srivilliputhur

Top Most Secret Process

First and foremost most of the manufacturers generally run two shifts. The shifts are based on the milk procuring time. Yes, the milk travels directly from the cow to the pan. No process in between. Milk rearers generally rear milk early in the morning and at noon. So the companies schedule the working hours based on the rearing time. This shows the freshness of the milk used.

Cow Milking

Srivilliputhur Palkova Recipe

Milk with high-fat content is procured and the process is started immediately. Milk that has been pasteurized, heat-treated or chilled milk is not used for production.  The fresh and raw milk used enhances the taste.

Next, let see their stoves and vessels being used. The traditional open fire stoves are used for this sweet preparation. Dried cashew shells are used as fuel as they have high calorific value and maintains the heat for a longer time. Iron pans are used instead of stainless steel ones.

More than this the skill of the workers has been passed over generations. Yes!! These are the mandatories for the divine Srivilliputhur Milk Khoa.

Now let us see the process.

Milk is initially added to the pan and made to boil. The milk bubbles and the person on the stove continuously stir it to avoid burning of milk and also to scrape the fat from the iron pan under open fire using firewood. When one-fourth of its content has been reduced sugar is added. One part of sugar is used for every ten parts of raw milk used. Stirring continues….. Milk is allowed to solidify to tiny grain-like consistency. This they say is unique to the Srivilliputhur palkova compared to the milk khoa produced elsewhere. 

Packaging Method

This milk khoa stays good for up to two weeks with normal packaging. But on using enhanced packaging technology the shelf life can be extended up to two months.

Now with enhanced machinery and packing methods Sri Dairy manufacturers these divine sweets without compromising the traditional taste but also ensuring hygiene, extended shelf life, and better packing. Native treats bring these sweets treats to your home to make your day more even special.

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