What is famous for Mysore Pak?

History Of Mysore Pak

As goes a well-known proverb “ necessity is the mother of all invention”, Mysore-Pak is one such invention. When the chief chef of the Mysore dynasty had to prepare a special dessert for the King within a specific time, he experimented by mixing three ingredients Gram Flour, Sugar, and Ghee which was initially a fudge-like dessert but later got a bit hardened. Impressed the Maharaja Wadiyar asked for a name for the dessert. The Chef Madappa instantly named it” Mysuru Paka”.

Evolution Of Mysore Pak

The initial version was porous because of not adding milk solids to it. The moisture in the sugar escapes through the dessert on cooling thereby creating the porous texture of the Mysore Pak which is a bit hard. When milk solid is added to the process we get the soft melting texture. In our Mysore Pak, we add milk solids to get a soft and melting texture.

I still remember the hard Mysore paks jokes which I have heard during my childhood. Mysorepak was so hard then that one could use it to hit someone else. Even people made fun of the hard mysorepak by using it as a support to shaky tables.

Jokes apart we now eveolved to a generation where Mysorepak is now very soft and in a consistency to melt in the mouth.

Now let’s go through the detailed making process.

The Ingredients are very simple. 1. Gram Flour 2. Sugar 3. Ghee/ Clarified Butter 4. Milk Solids.

The freshness and purity of the ingredients play a major role in the taste of the final product.

Channa Dal or Gram Flour or Besan

The primary ingredient gram flour which we use is procured as channa dal and we powder them in nearby mills. Shop procured besan or gram flour are mostly sold with adulteration of Kesari dal powder. Even in the channa dal, a mix of Kesari dal could be found. Kesari dal is banned by the Indian government in the year 1961 as it can paralyze and kill thousands. Also, certain dyes such as metanil yellow and lead chromate are found in the channa dal. Both are inorganic dyes used in the leather, paper, and textile industries. These are known to cause anemia, failure of reproductive organs, infertility, stomach disorders, cancer, paralysis, and brain damage in human beings

 So considering these in mind we procure channa dal from the best vendors. We check for its purity and then we grind them.  


The second most important ingredient ghee is produced in our company from the milk which we procure. There is no form of adulteration. Purchase our Sridairy Ghee here.


We procure the best brand of sugar available on the market. Now we go to the procedure of preparation.

Method of Preparation:

  1. Mix the besan and the milk powder.
  2. Heat the sugar syrup to two-string consistency.
  3. Now add the besan and milk powder mixture to this and continue to cook them
  4. After five minutes start adding the preheated ghee in batches until the mixture get separated from the pan.
  5. Times up for the mysore pak preparation and its now done.
  6. Transfer it to a long plate and once cooled down cut it into pieces.

Last but not least packaging also enhances the freshness of the mysorepak till it reaches the hands of the customer.

Generally the shelf life of these melting mysorepak could be a maximum of two weeks. So packaging had to be enhanced to retain the freshness until it reaches our customers abroad. 

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