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Why Tirunelveli halwa is famous?

Tirunelveli halwa is wheat milk halwa. The name Tirunelveli implies the style of making halwa in Tirunelveli is unique in nature. This uniqueness makes this halwa stand out from other wheat halwa. Over few decades, the recipe was rolled over but still the traditional style of making halwa is making this recipe so special. Even though technology revolution happened over a decade, the formula to make this halwa does not changed.

About Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is an ancient city and is more than 2,000 years old. Tirunelveli is believed to be an ancient settlement of great importance. It has been ruled at different times by the Early Pandya’s, the Chera’s, the Medieval Cholas and Later Cholas, the later Pandya’s, the Vijayanagar Empire and the British. Now Tirunelveli is one of the Metropolitan cities in Tamil Nadu. The economy of this region largely depends on agriculture. Nellaiappar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Shiva, located in Tirunelveli, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Recipe Standardization

When ever you taste Tirunelveli halwa in SRI DAIRY, you will get a same taste and feel. The secret is recipe standardization. It starts from fixing ingredients, main ingredient of this halwa is Wheat, Ghee & Sugar. We have tested many brands of wheat and Sugar over a year and managed to find the good brand and we have fixed it. Ghee, we are using our farm fresh butter to make ghee in our factory. So, no doubt, Ghee is 100% organic, Cow Ghee & made in small batches to get consistent quality. Our halwa making is driven by our SOP, which controls all process timing and amount of each ingredient.

Traditional Halwa making Process

  • Soaking wheat in water for 8 hours
  • Extract milk from wheat in stone grinder
  • Ferment the extracted milk for 12 hours
  • Filter the milk using muslin cloth and remove excess water
  • Add secret amount of water based on wheat milk concentration
  • Add sugar and Wheat milk in iron pan and start cooking
  • Fixed intervals add Ghee and stir well
  • Finally add caramelised sugar with the mixture to get dark black-red colour.

Tirunelveli Halwa Packaging

We have spent lot of time to automate Halwa filling process. But it was challenging, due to the viscosity and density of halwa. So still, we are doing manual filling of halwa in our factory in hygienic manner. Once filled, the trays were loaded in the packaging conveyor, and it was packed in our machine. 100% of our pack has been tested non-destructively for leakage. Finally, our brand boxes wrapping, and date coding activity taken care by final gate. Our halwa’s are largely export to Singapore, UAE, Qatar & Malaysia.

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